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Specializing in Criminal Defense
Charles L. Lindner
FOR 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CALL (310) 266-3272 Charles L. (Chuck) Lindner has fought tenaciously for his clients during his 34 years as a criminal lawyer. His colleagues, prosecutors and judges consider him among the elite criminal lawyers in Southern California. In 1989, the “Sunday Los Angeles Times” named Chuck  as one of the “top criminal lawyers in Los Angeles”, a ranking he has maintained in the ensuing 20 years. In addition to his own practice, Lindner’s colleagues regularly retain him as co-counsel in cases containing complex issues involving two of Lindner’s sub-specialties: forensic pathology and forensic psychiatry.

   Unlike most criminal lawyers who carry caseloads of 40 to 50 open cases as a time, Lindner generally carries no more that 10 to 12, half of which are very serious felonies, i.e., murders, “three strikes” cases, sex crimes, kidnappings, etc., as well as factually complex cases. The other half are composed of misdemeanor or felony cases where he empathizes with the client or feels the client is suffering an injustice that must be remedied.

   He is regularly asked to represent friends or relatives of prosecutors, police officers, court clerks, reporters, interpreters and judges who have found themselves in “criminal trouble.” Obviously referrals from those within the criminal justice system provide the highest possible endorsement of his abilities.

   In addition to his law practice, Lindner - a former college editor - has written 61 Op-Ed essays on law for the “Los Angeles Times”, the “San Jose Mercury News”, “New York Newsday”, the “Washington Post”,  and the “National Law Journal” among others. As a member of the “Dream Team”, he also co-wrote and edited defense closing arguments of Johnnie Cochran, Jr. and Barry Scheck in People v. O.J. Simpson aka The Trial of the Century.
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